PBHQ 2020 Sponsorship

For 2020 we are extremely excited to sponsor PBHQ Australia!

Dwayne and his weekly Monday show cover the latest updates and news for the Australian & New Zealand paintball community. PBHQ has been a mainstay place for the community to come together for the past 4 years, and it is in this community that as a brand we got our first exposure to more teams and the larger Australian market.

Dwayne from PBHQ had this to say:

"PBHQ is excited to partner with PB Athlete in 2020. When PBHQ started out, we were supported by existing brands that helped us grow and after 4 years we're excited to extend the same courtesy to an up and coming brand. PBHQ is keen to follow the growth of PB Athlete this year and we're glad to play our small part in that growth."


Make sure to tune into PBHQ every Monday night and learn about the latest promotions and news in paintball.

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