2020 Year Review

2020 was a year most of us would like to forget, but for our brand it was a year of growth, struggle and learning. Being our first full year of offering sponsorships, product launches and international events it was a big year of expansion and learning how to overcome obstacles. In our 2020 Review I'll go over achievements, shortcomings and the road ahead for the 2021 season.



In 2020 our brand had many great achievements including, outfitting Eskimo Brothers with Strike Jerseys, sponsoring our first Florida team (Bradenton Wolfpack), being a guest on Down Under Paintball with Scotty Marden and sponsoring Dwayne and his weekly show PBHQ. We launched collaborations with two great brands in Exalt and Push Paintball, something we have wanted to do for a longtime and want to continue to do as I grow this brand. This year we built friendships with jersey collectors, amazing photographers and our growing customer base. We cant say enough thanks to each and everyone of you for the support shown in this year and hope to continue to support you in 2021.


This year we had planned to attend a lot more events (thanks Covid-19) but with that aside we pushed on and planned a lot more releases and sponsoring teams, but I had personal health problems to had to unfortunately put those on the back burner for 2021. As I run this brand on top of my day job it has been a struggle to stay on top of things but learning to plan further ahead and push through even when its tough has been a good learning curve. 


For next season we plan on sponsoring more teams and building up our sponsorship program and helping teams with premium casual and performance products. Our casual range will be expanding with new products and focusing on the small details which we think seperates us from other brands. I wont spill all the secrets on what we are working on but there is a lot to be excited about.

Next year will be a big year of focus on growth and we hope you join us in our journey.

Cheers Connor - PB Athlete Clothing


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